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Fantastic Forensics

Fantastic Forensics 1
Fantastic Forensics 2
Fantastic Forensics 3
Owls Class recently visited the Tank museum to see how tanks were landed on the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day landings and to gain a better understanding of what was like for people on the Home Front. During the workshops they were able to visit the front room of a typical house at the time of World War II and begin to understand the impact of rationing on daily lives. They were also given the task of solving the problem, that our military faced, of how to land on the beaches with tanks without alerting the Germans to their plans.

Mr Nicholson

Mr Nicholson 1
Mr Nicholson 2
Mr Nicholson 3
Mr Nicholson 4

A few weeks ago now, Mr Nicholson (Mrs Hitchen's Uncle), came to talk to us about his first hand experiences of World War II. He spoke to the children about his time as an evacuee and how, desperate to defend his country, he lied about his age, as many young men did, to enlist in the Navy.

He showed the children all his medals and talked to them about his memories and experiences.

The children were very privileged to be able to ask questions of and hear from someone who was so brave and could really help them understand what World War II was like, both in combat and on the 'Home Front'.

Reasoning in Maths

Reasoning in Maths 1
Reasoning in Maths 2
Reasoning in Maths 3
Reasoning in Maths 4
Reasoning in Maths 5
At our recent 'Reasoning Workshop'  the children were provided with a range of activities that required logical thinking, use of prior knowledge  and a knowledge of particular calculation methods. Reasoning helps us to make use of relevant prior knowledge such as how to tackle a particular 'type' of problem or a particular calculation method that could prove useful. The reasoning is complex and unique to the individual, as each of us has a mix of past mathematical experiences.
As part of our work on 'Light', Owls class were asked to plan, carry out and record their own Scientific investigations. These photos show the children hard at work investigating their aim whilst ensuring that the test was fair. They then wrote up the experiments using the passive voice for the method. Clear diagrams and charts were used to record the results. 

Your Country Needs You

Your Country Needs You 1
Your Country Needs You 2
Your Country Needs You 3
Your Country Needs You 4
Your Country Needs You 5

As part of our topic of 'Your Country Needs You', we have been looking at how art can be used to communicate messages and convey emotions. First we looked at the use of propaganda and the children designed their own art work to convey the meaning of the slogan. The children carefully chose colours and styles that were relevant to the period of design.

Then we looked at photographs from the war as Primary Sources of evidence. The children discussed the emotions that they felt while watching these images and created a piece of artwork to reflect those powerful feelings. Here are just a few images to represent the talent and hard work on display in Owls' classroom and cloakroom.

Easter Gardens

Easter Gardens 1
Easter Gardens 2
Easter Gardens 3
Easter Gardens 4
Easter Gardens 5
Easter Gardens 6
Easter Gardens 7
Easter Gardens 8
Easter Gardens 9
Easter Gardens 10
Easter Gardens 11
Easter Gardens 12
As part of our work on Easter for RE we have been looking at symbolism. We designed Easter Gardens after reading about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. We then made our own Easter Gardens using natural resources.

Ready! Steady! Bake!

Ready! Steady! Bake! 1
Ready! Steady! Bake! 2
Ready! Steady! Bake! 3
Ready! Steady! Bake! 4
Ready! Steady! Bake! 5
Ready! Steady! Bake! 6
Ready! Steady! Bake! 7
Ready! Steady! Bake! 8
Ready! Steady! Bake! 9
Ready! Steady! Bake! 10
Ready! Steady! Bake! 11
Ready! Steady! Bake! 12
Ready! Steady! Bake! 13
Ready! Steady! Bake! 14
Ready! Steady! Bake! 15
Ready! Steady! Bake! 16
Ready! Steady! Bake! 17
Ready! Steady! Bake! 18
Ready! Steady! Bake! 19
Ready! Steady! Bake! 20
Ready! Steady! Bake! 21
Ready! Steady! Bake! 22
Ready! Steady! Bake! 23
Ready! Steady! Bake! 24

As part of our D.T we have been designing biscuits that needed to fit a particular brief. They had to have a space theme and link to our Science which has been about the Earth and the Solar System.

You can see the great variety of designs that the children have worked on. The next step is to evaluate the appearance and success of these biscuits for project 'Space Cookie' which we will be undertaking after Easter.

Night and Day

Night and Day 1
Night and Day 2
Night and Day 3
Night and Day 4
Night and Day 5
Night and Day 6
Night and Day 7
Night and Day 8
Night and Day 9
Night and Day 10
Night and Day 11
In Science we have been learning about the Earth's rotation and how it accounts for night and day. We have also been learning about the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. Two groups of children were asked to create actions to show that it is the Earth that moves and not the Sun. They were asked to produce a narrative to go with their demonstration and explain clearly what is happening. After brief rehearsals, they shared their work with the rest of the class.

Celebration of Learning

The culmination of our work on the Aztecs was a celebration of all the learning in the form of an exhibition to which parents and other children in the school were invited. These photos show how enthusiastic the children were when explaining what they had been doing and how impressed the visitors to our exhibition were.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

In Owls we have been looking at Newspaper Reports. Initially, we looked at the features of a newspaper article, then the children were asked to plan and draft an article of their own based on either the Aztecs or around the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'. After re-drafting their work to improve the style and vocabulary, they were asked to publish their article using a Power Point template.

Angry Aztecs

Angry Aztecs 1
Angry Aztecs 2
Angry Aztecs 3
Angry Aztecs 4
Angry Aztecs 5
Angry Aztecs 6
Angry Aztecs 7
Angry Aztecs 8
Angry Aztecs 9
Angry Aztecs 10
Angry Aztecs 11
As part of their learning about the Aztecs, the children in Owls class were asked to design and make a diorama to represent an aspect of Aztec life. These photos show great teamwork by all the children and the finished articles will be on display in the classroom after half-term.
In Owls we have been looking at using sport to influence dance. We started with a traditional Haka and then considered using movements from the game of rugby to add elements to a dance routine. The focus was on control of movement and based on an understanding of fast, sudden, slow and sustained movement. The children then had to compose a game motif and perform it in canon. The dance also included group formations and freeze frames.

The World of Sport

Chemical and Physical Changes

Chemical and Physical Changes 1
Chemical and Physical Changes 2
Chemical and Physical Changes 3
Chemical and Physical Changes 4
Chemical and Physical Changes 5
Chemical and Physical Changes 6
Chemical and Physical Changes 7
In Owls Class we have been planning investigations to further our understanding of chemical reactions and chemical changes. These photos show how involved the children were in planning an investigation on corrosion, considering their variables and how to make it a fair test. Other children were learning about the permanence of chemical changes by cooking eggs in different ways and looking at the carbon produced in the process of burning.

Celebrating Our Work

Celebrating Our Work 1
Celebrating Our Work 2
Celebrating Our Work 3
Celebrating Our Work 4
Celebrating Our Work 5
Celebrating Our Work 6

Over the last 7 weeks we have been learning all about volcanoes.


We have been learning about the causes that lead to the formation of volcanoes and the effects that volcanoes can have on people's lives in Geography. We were very lucky to have a vulcanologist visit to tell us all about his experiences and travels while he studied famous volcanoes all over the world.  


In English we have been looking at the features of non-chronological reports and have then written all about volcanoes after thorough research.


In order to create the models that you can see in the photographs we have worked through the full Design Technology process of designing, making and evaluating. We have carefully tested and selected materials based on their appropriateness for the task.


This display really does demonstrate the fantastic learning in Owls class.

Design and Technology

The children in Owls class were all asked to work collaboratively on a D.T project based on volcanoes. The groups had to work through various steps which included:

  • researching types of volcanoes,
  • considering what their model would like like
  • exploring materials available in order to chose the most appropriate  for their design
  • making the finished model
  • evaluating the successes and areas for improvement


The photos above show the children in the final stages of the project, where they were considering  finishing techniques to ensure the model was finished to a high standard.

Violent Volcanoes

Violent Volcanoes 1
As part of our topic on 'Violent Volcanoes' we are looking at reversible and irreversible changes in Science. To introduce the concept of physical and chemical changes, the children were given some cornflour and water with the instruction: 'mix me'. There followed a discussion about the observations that the children made. This then led on to a lesson based on how cooking can demonstrate both chemical and physical changes (reversible and irreversible). We will be looking how to plan an investigation that relies on understanding that only one variable should change and that the test must be fair. The children will be writing up their investigation as part of their English lessons.

Marvelous Maths

Marvelous Maths 1
Marvelous Maths 2
Marvelous Maths 3
Marvelous Maths 4
Marvelous Maths 5
Marvelous Maths 6
Marvelous Maths 7
Over the last few weeks we have been looking at how to apply our skills in maths in diverse situations, using reasoning and logical methodology. The children have been given a variety of puzzles to solve and at the end of the sessions were asked to explain any findings or solutions, describing the steps they took and any observations they made.

Holes and Barriers

Holes and Barriers 1
Holes and Barriers 2
Holes and Barriers 3
Holes and Barriers 4
Holes and Barriers 5
Holes and Barriers 6
Holes and Barriers 7
Holes and Barriers 8
Holes and Barriers 9
Holes and Barriers 10

For our Gymnastics this last half-term we have been working on 'Holes and Barriers'. The children have been drawing on past work and progressing and expanding it to negotiate a partner in creative and exciting ways.

They have been working on balancing on large and small body parts to show different levels, different shapes and varying degrees of stability. By travelling over and under without contact they have been able to form clarity of body shape, matching and contrasting shapes in the air and on the floor and using timing and judgement  to pass over a moving body. 

The children then started to use the large apparatus to demonstrate those same skills of balance and counter balance.


Multiples 1
Multiples 2
Multiples 3
Multiples 4
We have recently been working on using and applying maths skills in the classroom. The children were asked to look at various number squares and identify patterns made by multiples on these different grids. The activity allowed children to think about number and pattern whilst consolidating their knowledge of multiples.

Elizabeth and the Tudors Projects

After learning about Queen Elizabeth and her reign for the last half-term, the children in Owls Class were given the opportunity to apply their skills in a self driven project. They were asked to construct a plan of what they wanted to achieve, create a plan for what they were going to make or do, and imagine how they could achieve high quality results. These photos show just a snap shot of the children hard at work.

Sharing Our Learning

Sharing Our Learning 1
Sharing Our Learning 2
Sharing Our Learning 3
Sharing Our Learning 4
Sharing Our Learning 5
Sharing Our Learning 6
Sharing Our Learning 7
Sharing Our Learning 8
Sharing Our Learning 9
Sharing Our Learning 10

Queen Elizabeth Through the Ages

As part of our History we have been looking at evidence through portraiture. The children looked at portraits of Elizabeth I at different ages and considered what messages Elizabeth was sending to her subjects about her wealth, status and health. The children then recreated these portraits through mixed media and collage.

To start our new Topic about Elizabeth I with a big 'WOW' factor we invited Ros Lyddington into our School to work with Owls Class. Ros is a specialist in history and drama. She really hooked them in to the time of Elizabeth. The children were surprised to learn how difficult life was after Henry's reign, especially for a female in a position of such high authority!

Through looking at historical artefacts from the period, which included a book on tapestry that was five hundred years old, the children learned about the employment, fashions, conventions and social etiquette of the time.