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School Council EU debate at the Council Offices

Today our School Council met with children from the School Councils of our academy trust schools (Blandford St Mary and Archbishop Wake) at the local Council offices to debate the EU referendum. The session was chaired by Councillor Andrew Kerby who presented the children with information from both sides of the debate. Each school worked as a team to summarise the merits and drawbacks to remaining in the EU before coming back together to debate the issues. Following this the children took part in their own democratic vote with a polling booth and the slips were put into a ballot box and counted. The children were talked to about the importance of democracy in a British society. After the votes were counted, the children had voted 28 to 6 to remain in the European Union.


Finally the children were taken on a tour of the Council offices where they saw the Environmental Health, Housing, Conservation and IT departments to name but a few. This was a fantastic opportunity for children to come together as children from the Blandford Educational Trust to rehearse and demonstrate their public speaking, listening and leadership skills!