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Monday 24th September 2018



Dear Parents,


On Wednesday 2nd October at 9.05 am, we will be holding a special harvest assembly. Each class will share either a song or a poem that they have been practising in class.


Harvest is a time for thanksgiving and also for compassion; where hard work is rewarded and people are fed. This year we are looking to support local families or individuals, who are in crisis, so will be collecting for Blandford Food Bank. The food bank is only able to collect and store certain foods for distribution and so they have provided us with the list below. We ask that you send the food into school on Tuesday 2nd or Wednesday 3rd October in order that we can display your generous donations during the assembly.


During the afternoon we are inviting grandparents and local community groups for the elderly for a special harvest cream tea event where the children will perform their harvest song or poem whilst scones and tea are served. If your child's grandparents or you know of a local elderly person who may enjoy such an event please invite them and let us know (for numbers).


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 3rd October.


Tinned meat and fish including curry, hot dog sausages, corned beef, ham
Tins of vegetables and tins of fruit              Tins of potatoes and instant Smash
Pasta sauces (bottles or packets)                  Tinned tomatoes
Tea                                                      Sugar
Cereals                                                 Toilet rolls

Ketchup / mayonnaise / salad cream          Coffee

Fruit juice (cartons, not fizzy and not from the chilled cabinets)
Jam / honey / peanut butter                     Biscuits
Baked beans                                         Packets of Angel Delight
Ready-made Jellies                                 Individual pots of fruit
Pot Noodles / Mug shots                          Crisps


Please make sure that the ‘use by’ date is at least six months ahead.


Many thanks in advance for your support for this cause.


Yours faithfully,



Andrew Brown