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A Volcanologist Visits KS2!

Today Volcanologist and Geologist Dr Michael Le Bas gave a presentation to all the children in Key Stage 2 as part of their Volcanoes topic this half term. The children were shown a range of volcanic rocks and images of volcanic activity. The children were very keen to ask a range of questions about how volcanoes are formed and how they erupt. After the presentation the children went outside to cpnduct a volcanic eruption experiment on the school field! 


Dr Le Bas holds honorary status at Leicester University and The Natural History Museum, London and formerly at Southampton University. His  research focused on carbonate volcanism of Africa and Asia. He has also been a Fellow of The Geological Society, London, since 1957 (Vice-President 1987-8), and has lectured world-wide.


The children have been very creative this term with their learning about volcanoes. They have designed and made models, drawn diagrams, written non-chronological reports and even historical diary entries from Pompeii.