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"Arithmetic is being able to count to twenty without taking off your shoes." - Mickey Mouse 


"Mathematics is a critically important subject. It is a language without which the entire global infrastructure is struck dumb." - Carol Vorderman


"One, two, three bats! A-ha, ha!" - The Count (Sesame Street) 

Welcome to the Maths Page!

On this page you will find a mixture of important curriculum information, celebrations of the amazing maths work we do in school and useful  links to sites designed to help and inform you. 


At Spetisbury School we believe in promoting a love of maths. Through carefully chosen experiences we aim to help the children to apply their mathematical knowledge to real-life situations.

Working with fractions.

Here in school we have a wide range of equipment that helps the children to make progress. 

One such example would be cuisenaire rods. These are small rods in a variety of colours that allow different values to be attributed to each. These rods can be used to help children in recalling number bonds (i.e:.: the two numbers that make a certain value...such as 10 or 100) or to help them understand the relative fraction when the "whole" is decided on. Below are some pictures of work done in KS2 where the rods have been used to explore fractions. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 Number bonds to 10.
Picture 6 Number bonds to 100.

Working and sharing with other schools. 


At Spetisbury we believe in forging links with other schools. Recently, we took part in the 'Maths Matters Conference' at the Blandford Upper School. There, Year 6 ran their own stalls on which they shared the activities they were most proud of.  They also had the chance to buy their lunches in the canteen to see what it will be like in September when they become Year 7! 


We are so proud of their achievements and behaviour and cannot wait for all the further excellent maths work they will do this year! 

The 'Maths Matters Conference'!